600 Aromatherapy Recipes for Beauty, Health & HomePaperback – 8 Aug. 2014

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Literature and Media600 Aromatherapy Recipes for Beauty, Health and Home Author: Beth JonesThis is an incredible book highlighting 600 Recipes that will teach you how to create your own blends in the comfort of your own home. This book is a terrific resource for those of us that love essential oils

Aromatherapy & essential oils are used by thousands of people around the world, and have been for many centuries in one form or another. This is due to their ability to promote a healthy body and serene mind by aiming to restore balance both physically and psychologically. This book opens up the world of aromatherapy by providing lots of information and practical advice on how to maximize the use of essential oils. 600 Aromatherapy Recipes will teach you how to create your own blends in the comfort of your home, advise you what steps to undertake when buying essential oils, and also how to store them properly. 42 oils are explained in detail, outlining their benefits, advantages, properties, and what other oils they blend well with. Carrier oils are also explained, along with some very important safety guidelines that must always be adhered to. Living a greener, healthier, more natural lifestyle is easily achievable with aromatherapy and essential oils. 600 Aromatherapy Recipes shows you the potential power of essential oils and how they can achieve results that are nothing short of amazing.


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