Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel 5 Stück

The Alpha Beta Universal Peel is one of the legendary applications that Dr. Dennis Gross uses in patients in his New York practice, only as a simple and safe version for the home. The peel gives your skin its steel power back by reducing wrinkles and refining pores, it is easy and safe to use and requires no healing time. Step 1 is full of rejuvenating, powerful yet gentle exfoliating acids. Step 2 keeps the Alpha Hydroxy acids at bay and provides the skin with anti-ageing components, nourishes and smooths them and returns their steel power. So your skin is not only perfectly prepared for the following care, it makes it even more effective. The result: a refreshed and radiant complexion. This formula contains a combination of five acids, it is ideal for first-time users and for all skin types.

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