Pure Activated Charcoal Capsules – 2000mg Servings – High Strength Bloating &...

Activated Charcoal Capsules For Stomach Bloating & Reduced Flatulence – If you struggle with bloating and indigestion, our Activated Charcoal capsule supplement could be just what you need to help target bloating & Gas! Activated charcoal contributes to reducing excessive flatulence after eating (EFSA Approved Claim) so you can feel lighter and avoid embarrassment.
Why Activated Charcoal? – The answer is in the pores. Activated Charcoal is a naturally porous material that works to bind to and absorb unwanted toxins and carry them away to be safely disposed of in your digestion. Such toxins can otherwise linger on causing gas and bloating to occur.
High Strength 2000mg Daily Servings Of Activated Charcoal – We offer a formidable strength when it comes to our natural Activated Charcoal Capsules supplement. Each daily serving of our Activated Charcoal contains 2000mg of Activated Charcoal for tackling digestive health head on.

✔ ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TABLETS FOR BLOATING STOMACH - If you struggle with bloating and indigestion, our Activated Charcoal capsule supplement could be just what you need to stop bloating in its tracks! Our active natural Charcoal works to bind materials in the stomach and balance your gut to fight sickness, bloating and cramps.
✔ BLOATING RELIEF TABLETS FOR TRAPPED WIND TOO - Aside from acting as a natural herbal remedy for digestive discomfort and the signs of constipation and indigestion, Activated Charcoal remedies the embarrassment of trapped wind and excessive flatulence that can often occur from eating the wrong foods or too much! Activated carbon is one of natures best ways to calm the bowels.
✔ HIGH STRENGTH 2000MG SERVINGS OF ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - These high potency capsules with 2000mg in each serving! Meaning WeightWorld's Pure Activated Charcoal supplement is an easy way to tackle gas, bloating and wind without making major diet changes. Charcoal pills are known to help detox the gut, and is a natural way to cleanse your body and support your digestive system health!
✔ LABORATORY TESTED VEGAN, VEGETARIAN & KETO ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TABLETS - WeightWorld wanted to create a pure Activated Charcoal capsule that is suitable for a vegan or vegetarian diet. With pure, natural coconut charcoal, and a vegan-friendly capsule shell, these pills are a super easy way to supplement one of life's best natural detox and flatulence relief ingredient! Our capsules have also been independently tested in a German lab so assure the highest quality.
✔ 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are confident that our Activated Charcoal Tablets are pure and high quality, and want give you relief from any worries about trying this supplement. That's why we've given a 90 day money back guarantee on this Activated Charcoal supplement to ensure that you won't be at a loss, and we hope you love the relief and digestive health benefits of this product as much as we do!

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